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Water Filtration

Are You Tired Of Worrying About Your Water? We Can Help Improve The Quality Of Your Tap Water.

In Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana, water quality is a major issue. Everyone is concerned about the quality of their tap water. If you do not have a water filter of some kind, you may want to consider buying one soon. Are you tired of feeling the chlorine burn? A whole house water filter is a great solution for better water from every faucet in your home. It will remove contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, THM’s and a host of other contaminants that can cause cancer and a whole host of other diseases. This is especially important for our young children and our elderly. 


Water Filters that we offer:

Whole House Water Filters are the best way to protect your family's water.

If you are wondering how a Pro-systems whole house water filter backwashes and cleans your water watch the video below:  



Some Benefits of a Pro-Systems Whole House Water Filter are:

  • Our Systems are self backwashing- You will not have to do anything.
  • Our filters are warrantied for 10 years.
  • Improved water color and taste
  • Removes Chlorine, Chlorine and THMs from the water. These are the most common issues with Monroe, West Monroe tap water.
  • Protects and extends the life of your plumbing fixtures and your plumbing system.
  • No need to buy bottled water.

 Water Filter Purchasing Considerations

When considering the purchase of a whole house water filter there are several key points to look for:

1. Initial cost of the system
2.  What is the Life of the filter
3. Warranty on the filter: can they prorate it?
4. Return policy: do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?
5. Shipping cost: who pays for shipping on any warranty?
6. Customer service: how do you reach the company?
7. What contaminants does the filter remove?
8. Do they offer a performance guarantee: what happens if it does not perform to manufacturer claims?
9. When do you replace the filter or the media and what is the cost?
10. Does the filter require backwashing? If so, how long is the warranty on the electric head and valve?
11. Gallons per minute of flow (one shower will use 2.5 gpm)
12. Well water should always be tested before purchasing a whole house filter

Call 322-6970 if you are looking for a Water Filtration System in Monroe, West Monroe, Sterlington, and Calhoun Louisiana